Results of all Rajya Sabha elections announced, find out who won how many seats

Results of all Rajya Sabha elections announced, find out who won how many seats

Voting was held on Friday in 19 Rajya Sabha seats in 8 states of the country. The results of all the states have now been declared after the polls. 

 The counting of votes was stalled for 4 seats as the Gujarat Congress opposed 2 votes. The Congress had applied to the Central Election Commission to cancel the votes of two BJP MLAs but its application was rejected. Earlier, the state Election Commission had also rejected the Congress' appeal. The recount was then resumed. Now the results of all the seats have been declared.
  • Elections were held in 19 Rajya Sabha seats in 8 states of the country
  • Voting was held today for 4 seats in Gujarat
  • Three BJP candidates win 4 Rajya Sabha seats in Gujarat

Results of 4 seats of Gujarat announced

The BJP has won most of the seats in the Rajya Sabha. BJP has managed to win all its three candidates from Gujarat. While the Congress has betrayed its own constituent parties. Bharatsinh Solanki has had to taste defeat. However, the Congress had factors that could have led to the victory. But last time the BJP played such a game that neither its Congress nor the political pundits understood. All three BJP candidates Ramilaben Bara, Narhari Amin and Abhay Bhardwaj have won. On the other hand, the only Congress candidate Shaktisinh Gohil has won. Then Bharatsinh Solanki was defeated.
YSR has won 3 seats including Parimal Nathwani.

Congress got 2 out of 3 seats in Rajasthan

Voting was held on three seats of Rajasthan Rajya Sabha. In which Congress candidates KC Venu Gopal and Neeraj Dangi and BJP candidate Rajendra Gehlot have been declared victorious. The result was announced after voting until 4 p.m. Out of a total of 200 MLAs, 198 MLAs exercised their franchise. Two legislators were unable to cast their ballots due to ill health. BJP and Congress MLAs were trained from different hotels and sent to cast their votes. All the legislators were taken to the bus keeping social distance.


BJP got 2 out of 3 seats in Madhya Pradesh, Congress got 1 seat

In Madhya Pradesh too, the Congress's coup was heavy. But Jyotiraditya Scindia has played a key role in spoiling the party and giving two seats to the BJP. Two BJP candidates have won, while the Congress has won one seat. A total of 206 legislators exercised their franchise. Two BJP candidates Jyotiraditya Scindia and Fulsinh Baraiya won. So Congress candidate Digvijay Singh has won.

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